The modern approach to making healthy use of new technology.

The previous approach was to avoid electrosmog as much as possible by turning off electronic devices. Or by sealing yourself off against the electromagnetic fields with as extensive protection measures as possible. This is the approach from which, for example, protective clothing, protective canopy (similar to mosquito nets), network activations and the like were developed. A very walkable path!
All these measures of withdrawal, protection and counter-vibration are useful and useful, if only limited. We recommend a different way and, if you like, an unprecedented one! We argue that we should not fight against the EMFs, avoid them or isolate themselves, but make positive use of the interaction between electricity and humans. And how?

The KPF technology

This allows the positive achievements of digital devices to be exploited without a loss of health and vitality. However, this does not mean that we are in favour of spending the whole day in front of the computer and using smartphones, tablets & co. to take advantage of the electricity.
Because KPF technology uses the existing power grid with its electromagnetic fields as a medium to transmit order frequencies to us humans and to any form of animated and inanimate matter.
Neue lebensfreude mit odem erlangen

New possibilities

In this technology, the existing system of cables and electrically powered devices is used almost like an infrastructure that now helps us humans to bring us back into our natural order. The integrated KPF technology uses household current as a carrier medium. Since the existing power supply is everywhere in our buildings, the order field is also present everywhere. This turns the power grid into a field with ordering and regenerating force.
This results in, among other things:
that the electrical resistance of the cables is reduced. This results in correspondingly less electrosmog and thus less strain on us humans. So we are dealing with two effects. The electrosmog is reduced, and the natural order is restored regardless of this.
that the use of electrical equipment will be more bearable for humans and animals. For example, the

computer is no longer so tired, the ability to concentrate is maintained for longer, we remain more receptive and
more alert.
that the microcirculation is increased, the blood flows faster in the capillaries and thus the cell regeneration and supply as well as the cell performance is improved. Radio, music system or television are used as a medium for the field of order, as well as computers or the desk lamp, which is transmitted here. Any electrically powered technical device can benefit the vitality of us humans.
that the quality of a field is changed. It does not change the strength. So you can still expect the same performance when using products with KPF technology. Sometimes even less effort is needed for the same power. Namely, whenever the current flow is improved and the current resistance (ohm) is reduced. For example, some devices have a 30 percent higher power output, which can be seen, for example, in a brighter light. Thanks to the carrier waves, the entire EMF field is restructured because the charged particles are restructured. Result: The negative effects are neutralized without eliminating the field itself.
photons and electrons are re-emerging into their originally polarized structure. Photons and
Electrons from electromagnetic fields are nonpolarized particles. They cause chaos and disorder in our cells and thus damage our tissues in the long run, or with prolonged exposure. KPF technology has an ordering effect on the nonpolarized particles. This simply means that the chaotic, unpolarized particles are returning to their original polarized structure. This also reduces the harmful effect up to a complete neutralization of the destructive EMF field. The field itself remains fully functional and is neither blocked nor attenuated. As mentioned earlier, the benefits are retained without having to pay a health price.

Coherent polarizing field effect – the other technology

While working in the odem life practice, the KPF technology crystallized. It arose from the need not to jeopardise the successes of the treated people again in the old sickening environment. Thomas Aigelsreiter observed an enormous upsurge in life energy in his patients after the approximately one-hour treatments with the Natural Healer. This “bath” in the general as well as specific healing frequencies brought a big momentary healing boost, but fell off again in the course of the weeks. The cause was the “bombardments” from the destructive environment in which these people usually stayed.
This is in line with an old saying: “We cannot be healthy in the same environment in which we have become ill.” Successful therapy always involves minimizing the disease-causing factors from the immediate environment. These can be worries, family tensions, relationship problems as well as earth radiation, toxin exposure, mold, nutrition and many other factors. Unfortunately, the threats to a changed environment fit seamlessly into the above mentioned: radioactivity, glyphosate and the increasingly dense fields of electrosmog. We know healing situations like the “Natural Healer” from our daily life: How long does a wonderful

relaxing massage, the holiday, the walk in unspoilt nature?
So Thomas Aigelsreiter began to develop a different kind of technology with his knowledge and understanding: devices with the “coherent polarizing field effect” or “KPF”. The fields with this KPF effect are created directly in all their strength. Thus, KPF does not start from a point, but directly forms a protective shield and thus keeps interference frequencies outside. As a result, the KPF technology keeps the sturgeon squeeaks out and protects the cells so that they no longer slide into chaos.
William A. Tiller found out and described this field effect. He is an emeritus professor of materials science at Stanford University. According to Tiller’s research, non-polarized particle photons and electrons from EMFs have a chaotic and disturbing effect on our cells.
The unpolarized particles penetrate our bodies and damage our tissues over time. Professor A.Tiller observed that when nonpolarized particles are rearranged and thus polarized, they are no longer harmful. This is called a coherent polarizing field effect (contiguous and pol-forming field effect). Simply put, when the charged particles are realigned and ordered in an electromagnetic field, the entire EMF field is realigned.

The negative effects of chaotic and unpolarized particles are neutralized without weakening the field itself.
KPF technology has an ordering effect on the nonpolarized particles. This simply means that the chaotic, unpolarized particles are returning to their original polarized structure. This also reduces the harmful effect of the destructive EMF field up to complete neutralization. The field itself remains fully functional and is neither blocked nor attenuated. In field physics, this is called the coherent polarizing field effect. The field is maintained for a long time and then works through the strength of order. As mentioned earlier, the benefits are retained without having to pay a health price.
The reordering of the EMF field is done with subtle energies, which are modulated (played on) the existing carrier waves of our current system. Subtle energies are “superphysical energies” – that is, energies beyond our five physical senses. Subatomic and electromagnetic energies are well-known examples of subtle energies. Subtle energy is considered part of our physical world, but it is a more subtle dimension than our world of solids, liquids and gases. Much of Prof. A. Tiller’s work focused on the properties of subtle energies.

Energy fields arrange each other

Physics shows us that all things are energy and that the universe is like a gradation of vibrations or energies, from finer higher-frequency energies to denser energies. Just as an EMF can affect the physical human body, certain subtle energies can affect certain EMFs. In particular, a subtle energy that is coherent (contiguous) and higher frequency than a specific EMF can affect this. Theories in advanced physics speak of a subtle energy that is superior to all other energies.
At the quantum level, this “unmanifest energy” is a flowing and variable field of “information” that constantly exchanges and redistributes energy. This type of energy is the highest subtle energy of all, with the ability to penetrate and influence all other levels of energy. Coherent and older subtle energies can influence EMFs via the EMFs’ own carrier waves. All EMFs are essentially carrier shafts that transport information. That is precisely why they are so useful in communication. Imagine a radio broadcast spreading information in all directions from a single point. The introduction of a higher-frequency, subtle energy into the carrier wave of an EmAf transfers the information of this energy throughout the field.

The heart of KPF technology: storing and transmitting information

KPF technology stores information in the form of subtle energy patterns in a variety of carrier materials. These positive and orderly energy patterns are now building a field in which humans and all other living beings are now moving. The harmful frequencies do not come to us in the first place or are passed through us without leaving a fault. In the technical language, this is called “playing up” or “modulating”. It works according to the backpack principle. The KPF technology generates a carrier frequency, which modulates the interference fields and then hurls “huckepack” in an orderly manner through the human body.

The actual interference frequencies are therefore brought for the body in “natural vibrational forms”.
Thanks to KPF technology, the new digital devices can be used without fear of damage to the cell system. By the way, the newly arranged wave leaves the body again in this state and “swings” harmlessly for other organisms – humans and animals.
A principle of information medicine comes into play. This states that the highest order frequency always “wins”. The higher has more power than the low. If you like, you can say that good always wins against evil. That’s why it doesn’t matter if the new generation of electromagnetic fields of the 5G adds to the 4G or which potpourri is still in our house in the future. The orderly power of KPF technology is of higher value. But how are these subtle energy patterns actually integrated into the KPF carrier material? To understand the process, it is helpful to look at other storage devices for information we use at home, such as a magnetic tape or music CDs.

Example Music CDs

Music in the form of information is transmitted to the surface of a CD by means of a laser, i.e. a form of light. Lasers are considered “coherent light” because all particles or waves are aligned and moving in the same coherent pattern. When these coherent light waves come into contact with the surface of an empty CD, the information is placed on it, ready to be transmitted by other waves. These are, for example, the lasers in a CD player, which read the information on the CD and convert it into coherent sound waves.

The key – a special coding process

Products with KPF technology are encoded with the polarizing pattern of very subtle energies. During this proprietary process, the surface of the carrier material is brought into contact with the benign, polarizing and healing pattern of a high-level subtle energy and the carrier material is structurally modified on a subatomic or subtle level. Once a KPF product is encoded or programmed, it can emit this coherent energy pattern, which has a variety of positive effects depending on its intended use.

We now know that variability and change are the keys to effectively moving energy. Many of today’s energy technologies use a constant repetition of individual energy patterns. However, since the human body is not always in the same state, this pattern can become ineffective over time. The order fields described here, on the other hand, use energy patterns that provide changes as needed. If necessary, they bring these energy patterns through gentle energy challenges and responses to other sample areas. In this way, the devices offer the body a wide range of balancing frequencies. Technology interacts with the constantly changing state of the body and strives to achieve balance.

The principle of resonance

Understanding the resonance principle also helps us to understand how this interaction works. When there are areas within the body that radiate in the same “wave pattern” as the KPF product, resonance occurs. Only the information content that is missing or needed in the body will resonate and be recorded. As the order-energy patterns resonate with the subtle energies of the body, it circulates through the body and produces a balancing effect where it is needed.

These life-promoting energy patterns influence the flow of life force through the meridians as well as other body energy circuits. This neutralizes negative biological effects and creates a more coherent energy field. Ultimately, this leads to greater well-being on an emotional, mental and physical level.

The wonderful effects of KPF technology

This technology has been in use in Central Europe for several years. In the practice of Thomas Aigelsreiter, an overall concept was developed, which has proven itself great with the KPF technology.
From practice, the development of the odem products, in particular the electro-odem, arose. The end result of KPF technology is an improvement in microblood circulation. This activates the general principles of action for improving health. The blood in the capillaries flows faster and this improves cell regeneration and supply as well as cell performance.
The end result of KPF technology is an improvement in microblood circulation. This activates the general principles of action for improving health. The blood in the capillaries flows faster and this improves cell regeneration and supply as well as cell performance.
This is used to speed up cell division and cell regeneration, as well as to restore the cell to its original, healthy state of information.
In the cell, the mitochondria, the microtubules and thus the entire energy production (ATP production) are strengthened and increased.
Radio, music system or television are used as a medium for order transmission, as are computers or desk lamps. Any technical device that is powered by electricity can thus benefit us human beings in our vitality and return us to the natural order or the natural, healthy polarization.
Due to the special field strength, the DNA is
fuller, brighter and vibrates more, resulting in DNA emitting more and more intensely its cold laser light. This increases the communication of DNA and cells, resulting in a regenerated and strengthened cell with correspondingly inherited cell functions.

Products based on KPF technology: