Our products balance all incoming interference frequencies for humans and make them workable for your nervous system.

Improves the functions of your autonomic nervous system – and as a result, your body regulates, regenerates and repairs itself better.

Creates a natural environment for people – no matter where you are.

repose odem

Find the peace and quiet in you
  • Promotes your recovery, regeneration and building up energy reserves
  • Protects you from the potentially negative effects of electrosmog and geopathic interference zones
  • Helps your body connect to the inducing Earth’s magnetic fields
Discover your repose odem

ease odem

Activate your power reserves
  • Gives you strength and energy for your everyday life. Better performance in sports, work and leisure
  • Protects you from the potentially negative effects of electrosmog and geopathic interference zones
  • Helps your body connect to the inducing Earth’s magnetic fields
Discover your ease odem

High-quality bracelets

The repose odem and the ease odem are worn with a bracelet on the wrist. You can choose between an environmentally conscious, recycled PET bracelet (R-PET) and an elegant leather strap. On both bracelets, you can choose from three colors.







Wear your feel-good oasis on your wrist

Our everyday life is becoming more and more intelligent. Digital networking can be felt everywhere. Whether at home, in the car or at work. Hardly anyone can escape the stresses unless you go into the undisturbed nature.
We have found a way to be in nature anytime, anywhere, without being in nature. The alive odem bracelets help you to find the courage and strength to live a life full of lust, joy and love.

Intensive research

All our products are carefully tested for their effectiveness in our test laboratory. We use efficient testing capabilities such as a dark field microscope, an HRV measuring device, and an electron microscope to represent the microcirculation of the blood. Our test subjects are people who did not come into contact with our technology before the tests. As this is sensitive health data, all results are anonymized.

Heart rate variability measurement (HRV)

We measure the flow of information of the autonomic nervous system at the heart node. This is the connection from the brain to the hypothalamus and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Our meter currently meets the highest medical standard.

Regulatory capacity of the
parasympathetic nervous system

The parasympathetic nervous system is the main part of the autonomic nervous system and controls about 80% of all metabolic processes. A higher value here means better control of the cell processes by the brain.

Irritant processing capability of the
Nervous system

Variability means that our body must constantly respond to internal and external stimuli. The higher the value, the faster and more flexible it can react to these stimuli. This means that the higher the measured result, the better our immune system works.

Without odem

With odem

Darkfield microscopy

In the dark field analysis, the blood count is made visible by means of a drop of blood. The goal is to have as many single and dissolved red blood cells as possible. The freer the red blood cells move, the more oxygen, nutrients and pollutants the system can transport or remove.


The previous images were taken in an everyday environment, under the influence of electrosmog.


The after-pictures were created in exactly the same environment, optimized by the odem technology.


Years of development


22 years of experience

12.000 +

satisfied customers
(all our odem products)


Measurable and detectable