sphere odem series

Immerse in a relaxed and regulated environment, as we find it in nature. The sphere odem allow you to create this environment everywhere.

  • Better regulation and stimulation of your nervous system
  • Protects against electrosmog, mobile phone radiation and geopathic interference zones
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alive odem series

The alive odem series combines electrosmog protection with the activation of the autonomic nervous system. With the help of modern technology, you always have your oasis of wellbeing with you on the go.

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Probably the most important and underestimated part of our daily life is breathing. We share our knowledge and our many years of experience from our healing practice.

Breathe in a healthy way

Parasympathetic nervous system

The parasympathetic nervous system is most active during restperiods, i.e. when the body is not exposed to any threat. Its main task is to activate digestion, regeneration and build up energy reserves to restore the normal state of the body.

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